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Just made my 300th sale here - if anyone reading this has purchased any prints or downloads - Thank you!! :)
So I just browsed the Art Nude gallery for the first time in ages and to be honest I couldn't believe what i was seeing.  Ignoring the issue of 'quality' (which is subjective and i dont want to get into here) i couldn't believe the amount of deviations that just shouldnt have been there - i reported about 30 images in the space of 10 mins - explicit content (oral sex, dildo insertion, erections blah blah) , then misplaced deviations , portraits, clothed 'selfies, digital art , old pictures of Marilyn Monroe ..  the list goes on...

Do we still have gallery moderators on here? And if we have one for the artistic nude gallery who is it?  (serious question, i really dont know) Does Deviant Art actually care what gets posted in their galleries?

I've been on here for nearly 10 years now and over that time i've watched the standards go down and down - this site is considered a bit of a joke out in the real world ("deviantporn") and huge numbers of quality photographers have just given up on this site - i'm heading that way myself....

I'd be interested in other peoples views on this :) 

End of rant...... :peace:

Here's a few examples of the good stuff :heart:

bodyscape by belovodchenko Balance by Alan-H-Bruce Impassive by John-Logan

Alyona by scarysilverfairy If I AM A STRANGER by woollymammothmusic fern by creativephotoworks

AK. 16 by Flyy1 Industrial by fly10 no title 172 by ABrito

At the Window by Alan-H-Bruce 

The Artists Studio by ciaranwhyte Anguish by John-Logan 129_1 by calvato

Introducing Piper Rose :iconpiperrose:

Piper Rose 65 by DavidCraigEllis
Uk based model available for paid shoots 

Mature Content

Piper Rose 64 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 62 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 58 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 29 by DavidCraigEllis

Specialising in Art Nude / Fashion and Lingerie / Tasteful Erotica
(no adult / open leg please)

Mature Content

Piper Rose 55 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose - 37 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 6 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 28 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 26 by DavidCraigEllis 

Mature Content

Piper Rose 9 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 10 by DavidCraigEllis

Enquiries via Facebook and Purpleport :)……

Mature Content

Piper Rose 8 by DavidCraigEllis
  Piper Rose 3 by DavidCraigEllis 

Mature Content

Piper Rose 20 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 31 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 21 by DavidCraigEllis 

Mature Content

Piper Rose 61 by DavidCraigEllis
 Piper Rose 45 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 44 by DavidCraigEllis 

Mature Content

Piper Rose 57 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Piper Rose 41 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 5 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 4 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 3 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 2 by DavidCraigEllis

Piper Rose 1 by DavidCraigEllis
Sorry I haven't updated for a while - Things are getting Soooo busy at the moment I thought I would share my upcoming shoot plans for the next couple of months :)

After a short break the end of September is full on starting with an awesome reunion yesterday with

BarbieGoneWrong   Jade 22 by DavidCraigEllis 

Then October kicks off with the wonderful

Helen Diaz           Helen Diaz 2 by DavidCraigEllis

Then a tour of Derby/Nottingham shooting with

Remi Carter  
and Aura  Laura 23 by DavidCraigEllis

followed later in the month by 

Twisted Tinkerbelle  Making waves

And finally the beautiful Hannah Clare :) Chilling on a Sunday morning

In November I will be working at the Pit Studio with the amazing 

Anna Rose  Where Am I Going..

And dates are being confirmed with the following beauties 

Miss Versatile , Aria-Elizabeth , Kes Wild & Kelsey Laura Smith 

Feeling blessed to be working with all these talented and beautiful people :) :peace:
The first half of this year has been a bit quiet by usual standards - only 10 shoots so far - a lot of 'life' stuff has happened so i needed to slow down a bit and to be honest i've enjoyed the new pace. I have some nice new shoots and projects coming up over the next couple of months so thought it was time to share these :)

First up is a new collaboration with Kelsey Smith…  , shooting for Suicide Girls and XtremePlayPen .... along with some creative work for our portfolios :)

Then I will be shooting at 'The Pit' studio in Nottingham with Laura Ford. 'The Pit' is by no means your average studio, being a disused upper floor of a building in the old centre of the city - part derelict and full of the weird and wonderful I have wanted to work there for a long time and Laura Ford should be the perfect partner in crime for this escapade :)
Laura 7 by DavidCraigEllisLaura 11 by DavidCraigEllis

I will be working once again with the fabulous Body Artist :iconakathebodyartist: first off shooting a set for publication in an international Tattoo Magazine but also to continue our experimental collaboration :)
El 65 by DavidCraigEllisThe Last Light of the Day... by DavidCraigEllis

And last, but probably most exciting of all :eager: .... :iconhazard--kitty: and I will be kick starting our creative partnership, shooting some product and creative fashion images for a manufacturer of some really amazing Body Jewellery and then going back to our main shared love , shooting Art Nude images :) 
Flame Kitty II 132 by DavidCraigEllisHazard Kitty 79 by DavidCraigEllis

Thanks for all the continuing support :) :peace:
Hello Folks :) (Smile)

Just wanted to introduce my good friend and collaborator Ella Beck, a.k.a the awesome akathebodyartist

Mature Content

El 25 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

El 23 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Untitled by akathebodyartist

Mature Content

Untitled by akathebodyartist

Not only is Ella a fantastic model - she's also a very talented tattoo artist, using traditional hand poke techniques

<da:thumb id="513659647"/> Kalinga inspired 2 by akathebodyartist Flora and Fauna by akathebodyartist abhaya mudra and enlightening eye by akathebodyartist

along with being a talented mixed media artist :) (Smile)

Lunar Moth by akathebodyartist Merkabah Exploded by akathebodyartist Boo by akathebodyartist

So why not drop by her profile for a watch Added to my devWatch!  :iconakathebodyartist: Thumbs Up

Mature Content

Turning Back by akathebodyartist
Untitled by akathebodyartist

Mature Content

Myself and Myself by akathebodyartist

and show her some DA love I love deviantART! 

Mature Content

El 4 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

El 5 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

El 7 by DavidCraigEllis

Peace :) (Smile)     

Time for a long overdue update :)

Had a fantastic shoot with Rosa Brighid this weekend
Rosa Brighid 4 by DavidCraigEllis
- lots of images still to come…

Next up - golden unicorns and surreal nude with the awesome Allex 
(the longest legs in the West :D )…

Followed by epic naked urbex adventures in deepest Wales with the excellent
Body Artist and the start of our ongoing Woodman/Rust collaboration (Shhhh) :)

El 2 by DavidCraigEllis…

I'll also be shooting a number of sets for Zivity with the stunning Daniella Kitaen…

Then going into March/April more studio fun with Rosa Brighid and Miss Pixie 

Rosa Brighid 3 by DavidCraigEllisMiss Pixie 68 by DavidCraigEllis

So busy on folks :) :peace: 

It's been a while since I've done one of these....
Sometimes its easy to forget what deviantART is all about - sharing inspirational art I love deviantART! 
Here's some amazing images that have caught my eye recently...
Go give them some love Heart 

Misty Morning in Argyll by John-Logan The Grimm by Nelleke Red Nirvana by EtherealSceneries

One Fifty-Five by Jordan-Roberts Pollux by MatthiasHaltenhof Aftermath by John-Logan

Queen of the dark fairies by gestiefeltekatze Untitled by KylieFaye

 Ellexdrow by kevinroberts Piers Vernon-Kell I by TansyBlue      

 Spot the Shark by erezmarom Movement by MikkoLagerstedt

Set the fire to the third bar by juanwernecke666 Resurrection by Kissed-By-Coldness

Crow by artofdan70 Some guys have all the luck... by BrianMPhotography

COMMON BUCKEYE ON ASTERS by lightrae Odysee by Annie-Bertram Title suggestions, anybody? by la-esmeralda

Dark Wind by FlexDreams Ghost II by Aisii The Secret by Annie-Bertram

I won't give up by Julie-de-Waroquier Fatigue by NataliaDrepina

Heart On The Forest by Naslednik Bridge Hamm I by wolfgangbuhr
I don't usually write personal journals. I find it hard to put myself under the microscope for others, so I've been slowly writing and re-writing this for more than a week now. It just seemed like the right time to talk about a difficult subject because of the immense effect it has on my photography

I was diagnosed with clinical depression 25 years ago - more than half a lifetime now.  Its not something that you can 'cure' or that you 'get over'. Its always there, and you just have to deal with it. Its just a question of trying to learn to control it with a mix of medication, diet and life style and whatever coping mechanisms you pick up along the way.

It is a rollercoaster ride for me sometimes though, and it does have a serious negative effect on my work at times. One week when I'm 'up' I will be full of enthusiasm, making plans, shooting, editing, uploading and all the rest - everything seems possible and the sky is the limit.
Then something happens - you don't always know what - it could be a comment , somebody's actions, or just a rainy day - but everything collapses like a house of cards at this point. The plans of last week get abandoned , confidence hits zero and it all grinds to a halt. And it leaves you horribly vulnerable  to so many things you could normally just shrug off.

So why talk about this now? Well its getting a bit more serious this time round - In the last 2 months I've managed to shoot once for just an hour, and i've cancelled 6 or 7 shoots over this period and have nothing new booked. There's a lot of factors colliding here and I'm dealing with them as i can though my confidence is down to virtually nothing - collateral damage I guess. But whatever, the sparkle and fun is missing at the moment.

I'm uncertain how much longer this state of affairs is going to continue, but realistically I'm on Hiatus until I can turn this frown upside down. We'll see.... In the meantime I have a LOT of images stashed up to post from the first half of the year + a few golden oldies from the archives so my usual steady trickle of deviations will be continuing for a while yet ;)

In the meantime i'll leave you with a few from my last shoot with Amber Freya at 'The Gem'

The Gem 9 by DavidCraigEllis  The Gem 8 by DavidCraigEllis  The Gem 7 by DavidCraigEllis
The Gem 6 by DavidCraigEllis  The Gem 5 by DavidCraigEllis  The Gem 4 by DavidCraigEllis
The Gem 3 by DavidCraigEllis  The Gem 2 by DavidCraigEllis  Diablo by DavidCraigEllis
The Gem by DavidCraigEllis
   Just been having a look at my print and download sales so far this year (cuz thats the sort of exciting life I have folks :P (Lick) )

They're about half what they were this time last year , but I'm still very pleased so if anyone who may have bought something is reading this - thank you! :D (Big Grin)

Which leads me to the main purpose of this journal -
As everyone knows , DA prints are (imo) very expensive. Does this reduce or limit potential sales much?
Been thinking about setting up print sales myself online - having done some research, I could potentially supply prints of a comparable quality at a much reduced selling price (but increased profits for me)
Anyone have any experience / thoughts / ideas on the subject? I'd be very interested to hear any :) (Smile)

But anyway, this is what people have felt compelled to buy so far in 2014 :) (Smile)

Mature Content

Madame Bink 23 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Miss Pixie 43 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Raphaella Withlove 16 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Raphaella Withlove 13 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Raphaella Withlove 2 by DavidCraigEllis
Hazard Kitty 247 by DavidCraigEllis X2 Hazard Kitty 81 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Madame Bink 11 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hannah Clare 22 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 200 by DavidCraigEllis
   Hazard Kitty 187 by DavidCraigEllis  

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 257 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 323 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

General Kitty 294 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Akari Desire 1 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Akari Desire 2 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Zombie Candy 12 by DavidCraigEllis

.: Times Like These II :. by DavidCraigEllis  A Secret Life Of Ghost Trees.. by DavidCraigEllis  Lost and Found II by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 67 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 129 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 197 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 203 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 228 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 253 by DavidCraigEllis


Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 255 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 256 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hazard Kitty 272 by DavidCraigEllis
Hazard Kitty 276 by DavidCraigEllis  Hazard Kitty 320 by DavidCraigEllis
Thanks to DistortedSmile for featuring :)

Aimie 9 by DavidCraigEllis
Anyone fancy popping over to Facebook and and checking out my photography page? :)…;

I post a lot of additional images there that don't find their way onto DA plus regular updates on shoots and other shizz :thumbsup:
And feel free to link me to your fb pages or send a friend request :thumbsup: :)

In other news - I have recently been diagnosed with a 'health issue' (nothing too serious) that is going to slow me down for a while. I've had to cancel 4 upcoming shoots (though i have a couple still in the diary) :peace:

Hazard Kitty 227 by DavidCraigEllis
No, I'm not doing 2 million shoots :P but I'm pleased to say I've now passed 2 million page/image views here which I'm pretty proud of :)

June was a good month with excellent shoots with pixielovesyou , Katie Green , Hannah Clare and MadameBink

Mature Content

Miss Pixie 4 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Katie Green 8 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hannah Clare 32 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Madame Bink 7 by DavidCraigEllis

July, so far has been quiet as I've had to deal with ill health and with learning some difficult lessons about friendship...

However, things for July are kicking off again from tomorrow :)
Shooting with...

Nikki Pixie :iconpixielovesyou:
Raphaella Withlove…
Rosa Brighid…
and Miss Pixie again :iconpixielovesyou: :)

August I intend to take it easy and concentrate on finishing two book projects that are ongoing and catch up with a load of magazine submissions I've been asked to make , though I will be shooting with Alexis Star and hopefully AprilK :)
September shoots are starting to line up too - I will be working with

<da:thumb id="161523310"/> Rebecca Imogen Tun :iconrebeccaimogentun:

Mature Content

Ohio 5 by katyT
 Katy T  :iconkatyt: (tbc)

Dave :) :peace:
May got off to a great start shooting with the fab Ms Rose last week

Mature Content

Miss Rose 7 by DavidCraigEllis

Shoots coming up over the next month now....

Miss Pixie :iconpixielovesyou:


OooRah  Aimie 8 by DavidCraigEllis

Jayde Meg…

Katie Green…

Hannah Clare 

Mature Content

Hannah Clare 26 by DavidCraigEllis


Mature Content

Foxic 4 by DavidCraigEllis

and hopefully Hazard Kitty  :iconhazard--kitty:

:peace: :)
Time to start getting serious!!

Aim High - the biggest truth is that you need to believe in yourself in this industry and that you invent yourself, and control the way others see you. No one will open any doors for you - you have to go kick them down yourself :D

I spent the last half of 2013 in a self defeating funk of negativity and damaged confidence. I could elaborate on this but its no good crying over spilt milk - you live and learn
But 2014 has started with a bang and i've worked with some wonderful people so far who have gone a long way towards restoring my confidence and self belief.

Mature Content

Helen Diaz 5 by DavidCraigEllis
Aimie 9 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Akari Desire 2 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Hannah Clare 2 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Pagan Kitty 285 by DavidCraigEllis

Mature Content

Zombie Candy 9 by DavidCraigEllis

over the coming two months i'll be working with more new faces - Ms Poly, Laura Ford, Becca Brown and Akasha
and some familiar ones - OooRah, Zombie Candy, Hannah Clare, and of course my main partner in crime, Hazard Kitty :)

Other News.....

In the spirit of kicking down doors and getting serious .. A number of positive things have begun to come together :)

I've been asked by a major publisher to submit some images 'for consideration' for a book currently being put together titled '21st Century Nude Photography' - now we all know that its a hell of a giant step from submission to publication - but fingers crossed. This scenario also has implications for the distribution of the second edition of my 'Art Nudes' book which will hopefully be together by the end of April.

Its also open season on magazine submissions! :D I'm currently in the process of putting together 7 or 8 of these in the coming few weeks (some are by invitation, some are on 'the fly') and I have also been approved to submit images to a very high end international fashion mag - again extremely difficult to get work accepted, but you cant win the game if you're not playing ;)


Hello All :)

Was really pleased to see my gallery has now received 100,000 favourite adds - really proud of that - thanks to everyone for their support :heart:

Lots of new shoots coming up in Feb/March with Aimie Twyford, Akari Desire, Hazard Kitty, Helen Diaz (tbc) and Hannah Clare :)

The Park by DavidCraigEllis

Urban Ghost Trees I by DavidCraigEllis

.: Vertigo :. by DavidCraigEllis

A Secret Life Of Ghost Trees.. by DavidCraigEllis

Lost and Found by DavidCraigEllis

Dark Poppies by DavidCraigEllis

.: Times Like These II :. by DavidCraigEllis

Just noticed I have three thousand, three hundred and thirty three watchers :) Thank you all very much :heart:

I also realised I know very little about most of you so I want to try something here - tell me something about you - anything at all, trivial, personal, general, artistic, silly - whatever you like,,,,

I did this a couple of years ago and had some amazing responses and conversations and also made a few friends :) 

In return I promise to reply to any comments you guys add here , and alternatively If you'd rather ask me something feel free :) - So lets chat! :D


After returning to action last week with awesome shoots with Hazard--Kitty and ZombieCandy-model Its going to be a busy couple of months :)

Shoots Coming Up -  Rest Jan -  Hazard Kitty / Zombie Candy / Raphaella WithLove (tbc)

                               February - Hannah Clare / Fangasmgal / Aimie Twyford / Akari Desire

                               March - Hazard Kitty

Following this i'll be having a short break to put together the improved and expanded 2nd edition of my book 'Art Nudes'

Autumn Kitty 289 by DavidCraigEllisZombie Candy 11 by DavidCraigEllis

Hazard Kitty 283 by DavidCraigEllisZombie Candy 5 by DavidCraigEllis

So... it's about the right time of year to review the last 12 months and to try and
make some sense of 2013 and to look towards the coming year.

It certainly has been a rollercoaster ride for me personally and photography wise.
The first six months flew by in a busy whirl with nearly 30 shoots and a generally
positive vibe and a feeling of onwards and upwards.
The second half of the year things have unravelled somewhat - just 3 shoots (none for
close to 4 months now) - mingled with depression, self doubt, and a host of other more
everyday problems

The biggest bright spot for me of 2013 has been working with and building a creative
partnership with the totes awesome Hazard--Kitty , a great model and now a firm
friend she has helped me re-discover my enthusiasm and energy for photography. Tnx Hannah :)
We have been through some ups and downs this year and havent been able to shoot for a
while for a number of reasons (we both got new jobs and have both been ill amoung other things)
but life has started to normalise, we have been beavering away on a whole load of new
ideas and concepts and will be back in the saddle early next year with new shoots :thumbsup:

Another plus worth mentioning has been a real surge of print sales on DA (well over 100 this
year) though to be honest its been mainly down to Hazard--Kitty and her fans - big thanks
to all of you that have purchased :) - any money i do get for prints all goes back into buying
props, clothes and other shizz for shoots

So... despite the recent lows things are starting to look up again - will be ending the year
with a shoot with ZombieCandy, and starting the new year working with Aimie Twyford, closely
followed by back to back shoots with Hazard--Kitty (which im already super excited about :D )
and then with Hannah Clare at the end of January.
Also, along with Hazard Kitty and Ruby Jewel I have and magazine publication coming out at
the end of this month (more details to follow) - and planning is well underway for the expanded
and updated second edition of my book 'Art Nudes' (hopefully this coming March)

So on that positive note - thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this, and those that
have watched, fav'd and commented - hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year :peace: :)

Hazard Kitty 260 by DavidCraigEllis

My good friend, model and muse the super/cool/sexy Hazard Kitty is entered into the second round of Black Candy Alternative Fashions competition for new sponsored models on Facebook - show her some love and follow the link to vote Kitty by liking her photo pruddy please :D…

Off Duty by Hazard--Kitty